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One child. One hour a week. One amazing
reason to go back to school.

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It's a small commitment that makes a big difference. Become a mentor to a child in a school environment.

Meet the Volunteers

Becoming a mentor with the Big Brothers Big Sisters In-School Mentoring program is truly gratifying experience, and it's a lot easier than you might think. But, don't take our word for it; hear directly from our members David, MaryAnn and Joel.

Being a Big Brother or Big Sister changed their lives. As each mentor describes, the experience brought joy and
humor to their regular routine and helped each one to become a better person, both personally and professionally.

By just sharing a little time and being yourself, you can make an extraordinary impact on the life of a
young person. And you'll probably find that they'll have a positive influence on your life as well.
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As has been proven by previous members of the program, quality time spent with a
mentor helps a child to: gain confidence, acquire new inter-personal skills, develop
an enhanced capacity to care for themselves and others and build self-esteem.

It is not difficult to see that mentorship has lasting benefits for a child. As David,
MaryAnn and Joel are quick to point out, mentorship is an equally rewarding
experience for the mentors, themselves.

While positively influencing the life of a child is reason enough, our mentors
never shy away from telling us that by being a mentor they experience
tremendous gain in their own lives.

Mentors gain a sense of responsibility to their community. They gain a renewed
sense of pride in themselves. They start to see the world through the eyes of a child,
where possibility seems endless, where opportunity is everywhere.

It's only an hour a week. It's close and convenient. It's a small
commitment that makes a big difference. There's never been a better
reason to go back to school.

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